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If You Care, gjenbrukbar kjøkkenrull

If You Care, gjenbrukbar kjøkkenrull

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149,00 kr
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Gjenbrubark kjøkkenrull eller tørkepapir!
Bruk som om du bruker vanlig kjøkkenrull eller tørkepapir. Men ikke putt de i søplet eller avfallet.

Vask eller skyll de for hånd og heng opp til tørk, eller vask de i oppvaskemaskinen. De kan også kokes for å sterlisere de.

De er laget av 70% cellulose fra trevirke, og 30% ubkleket bomull fra GMO-frie avlinger. Når du er ferdig med arkene, kan de komposteres. De kan komposteres i både hjemmekompost eller industrikompost.

En rull av gjenbrukbar kjøkkenrull kan erstatte ca 18 vanlige kjøkkenruller.

Den suger opp sin egen vekt 16 ganger.

Innpakningen er laget at 100% nedbrytbar og komposterbar (industruikompost) PLA-Biopolymerer fra maisstivelse.

12 ark på rullen.

Fra produsent:


If You Care Reusable Paper Towels are made in a patented process from a three-dimensional blending of cellulose, non-GMO unbleached cotton and mirabilite – a natural mineral salt. In production, the mirabilite is washed out, leaving the remaining blend (70% cellulose & 30% cotton) extremely porous, which makes the towels extraordinarily absorbent. They can absorb up to 16 times its own weight in water. Unlike bamboo towels, If You Care Reusable Paper Towels do not leave fibers on the surface even after multiple washes.


There is no better or more effective towel for wiping countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. If You Care Reusable Paper Towels clean streak free. They absorb liquids easily and release them with simple wringing. They are remarkably durable, tear and abrasion-resistant, and reusable for at least one week.


Every day, Americans throw away 6 million lbs (3000 tons) of paper towels. It takes 51,000 trees and 60 million gallons of water per day to produce the paper towels which we throw away after a few seconds of use. By using one sheet per week of our reusable paper towels, one roll will replace 18 rolls of conventional paper towels (based upon an average weekly average weekly household usage of 1 ½ rolls of paper towels). The packaging is a biopolymer made from corn starch which is certified compostable in commercial composting facilities, leading to a further reduction in waste, greenhouse gasses and diversion from landfill.


Rinse and wring out excess water to increase absorbency. Use with water, soap and water or household cleaners. Do not use chlorine bleach or chlorine products. Rinse thoroughly between and after each use. Wring out and leave flat to dry. Clean by hand, washing with soap and warm water.

TIP: E-Z Sanitize! Simply run the towel in the microwave or boil in water for one minute to kill germs.

Did you know that both If You Care Reusable Paper Towels and their packaging are certified compostable? Throw them in your compost bin after use. No need to separate!